ASV Commercial Vessels


ESI has available a wide range of ASV designs for commercial crafts - mono- and multihull ASV’s, designed for:

  • -          A wide range of uses / applications – to mention only a few: Water busses, fast ferries (passengers and car), crew boats and offshore utility crafts, express cargo, wind mill service crafts, harbor control etc.
  • -          Different vessel sizes (with length from 12 m upwards to 150 m and more)
  • -          Different operational speeds (from medium to ultra fast)
  • -          Different operational conditions / sea states - hull shapes adapted to use and operational conditions
  • -          Different construction materials (carbon, GRP, aluminum and more), displacements and payloads
  • -          Adapted to a wide range of propulsion systems ( Water jet, pod propulsion, SPP and more)
  • -          Development of the first ever high speed ASV commuter ferry with battery electric (Zero emission) starts in these days. Low wake wash and 30 – 35 knots – a new breed of waterborne transport. (3.1 mill Euro EU 7th Framework project BB GREEN).

We are pleased to discuss your requirements and propose suitable ASV technology. In case the best solution is not within our stock of readymade hull designs, we are prepared to tailor make highly efficient and capable designs based upon your wish list. For illustrations only a few of our ASV designs are presented on these websites.